Trip to Miami & Orlando

Check out our super quick mini getaway to Miami & Orlando, Florida. Plus, all our pictures at the happiest place on Earth, Walt Disney World. #disneyworld #orlando #magickingdom #vegantraveling

My husband and I love mini vacations, it makes it easier for us to have a quick getaway every 2-3 months or so. We had been wanting to go to Miami for a while, since we had never gone together since we got married. We've been to Orlando, but wanted to head to Miami and then venture off to Key West.

Unfortunately, we didn't have all that much time, so we decided to keep it simple. Enjoy Miami and then drive down to Orlando and go to the happiest place on Earth, Disney World.

We landed around 6 in at Ft Lauderdale airport, which by the way, has absolutely NOTHING for Vegans (unless you just want to eat chips & sour patch candy). Once we got our rental car, we decided to chill in Miami for a bit before heading to our resort in Orlando.

Welcome to Miami!!

Can I just say, that Miami is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love the night life scene on Ocean Dr and the Vegan options are endless! We were actually having a tough time choosing which Vegan restaurant to go to since there were so many.

Ocean Drive is definitely a MUST, if you've never been. It's an endless street of restaurants and bars/clubs. Even if you don't end up eating there, it's still something you should walk around. We also got to see Gianni Versace's house, which they've now turned into a super high end restaurant. It starts to get a bit crowded around the steps of his house, since it's a pretty popular place (especially after the show The Assassination of Gianni Versace).

After we hung around Ocean Drive for a while, we decided to grab some dinner at a Vegan Restaurant called GLAM (Giving Life Animals Matter). It was the cutest little restaurant, amazing service, delicious food, and right in South Beach.

Not only was their restaurant super GLAM looking, the food was nothing short of luxurious. We had spaghetti with meatballs, flatbreads, and vegan Tres Leches cake. Let me just say, I've had non-vegan Tres Leches cake and the vegan one from GLAM is way better and completely out of this world good!

Orlando, baby!!

Orlando is a great vacation spot, lots of family activities, resorts, great food, and of course the theme parks. Whenever we make a trip to Florida, we've made sure that we come to Orlando just to go to Disney World. Disney is like a second nature for me. I grew up loving and knowing all things Disney and it's still something I absolutely love and enjoy.

There is honestly no age too old for Disney.

Since we only had one day in Orlando, we decided to do the main park of Disney World, Magic Kingdom. It just wouldn't be right going all the way to Disney World and not going to Magic Kingdom, it's just a big no no!

I swear, as soon as we got there, my entire face lit up. I felt like I was 10 years old again and never wanted to leave.

In terms of food, we took a lot of our own snacks since we knew Vegan options would be limited. However, there are a few Vegan items you can have in Magic Kingdom that we didn't know until we searched it ourselves. You can see a complete list of ALL vegan options at the PETA website.

Disney World truly is the happiest place on Earth.

Navneet  Kaur

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