Deep Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

I am REALLY big on making sure my house is always clean, especially my kitchen and family room where I entertain. Every now and then, I like to channel my inner Monica (note Friends reference) and do some deep cleaning on the spots I don't go for every week.

There are SO MANY tips and hacks to clean your house like an expert; I'm just sharing some of my favorite ones with y'all! I'll keep updating my website & youtube channel with more of my favorite hacks.

1. Kitchen Sink Drain

Our kitchen sink is where we clean and dry the dishes that we use on a daily basis. When I see that my kitchen sink isn't squeaky clean, it kind of makes me cringe. It makes me feel as though the dishes aren't as clean as I'd like them to be. Every couple of weeks or so, I like to deep my sink drain with some baking soda & vinegar to get the yucky residue out and keep my sink fresh.

Here's what you need:

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup vinegar

Take a toothbrush and just go to town with your sink and drain. Scrub into all the cracks and inside the drain as well. Pour some hot water and rinse - All done, you now have an incredibly clean kitchen sink.

2. Keep your window tracks sparkling white

The tracks of my windows are always a spot I tend to ignore or miss when cleaning my house. When i opened it the other day, I noticed how incredibly dirty I let it get and was so disgusted.

All you need is your baking soda & vinegar mix and a magic eraser.

I always vacuum dirt/dust before I pour the baking soda/vinegar mix - it just makes cleaning the tracks much easier.

3. Baseboards

Out of all the spots to be mindful of, my baseboards are probably my LEAST favorite to clean. Even though it's the easiest to clean, it's the most TIME CONSUMING. I've found that the best strategy is to tackle one room a week, trust me, it helps keep yourself sane.

All you need to clean your baseboards is a damp Magic Eraser & a dryer sheet.

4. Clean your ceiling fan without getting dust everywhere

When I used to clean my ceiling fan, I would always struggle with the dust falling everywhere and it would drive me crazy. I hated that I'd have to cover the area and clean it all over again whenever I tried to clean the fan. So finally, my friend gave me the tip to use a pillowcase. At first, I had my doubts and thought it was a crazy idea....until I tried it.

I cannot tell you enough how much I absolutely LOVE this hack. It literally has changed my cleaning routine in ways I never thought. It literally catches ALL the dust and doesn't let any of it fall to the floor or your furniture.

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