Brownie Nutella Trifle

Combining your love for brownies & Nutella all in one? Yes, please!! An easy trifle recipe that is finger looking good.

I am constantly entertaining at my house and always coming up with fun new dessert recipes, it is the most important part after all.

A while ago, I had created an on-the-spot trifle that actually turned into one of my more favorite desserts. I combined a simple boxed brownie with my 4 ingredient Nutella mousse, and VOILA- a highly addictive Brownie Nutella Mousse. So much goodness in every bite. This dessert even converted my non-dessert friends, having them take seconds!!

If you're looking for a show stopper piece, this is definitely in. I put them in small mason jars because they were perfect for individual sizes and clear so you can see all the layers. You can find the mason jars here.

You can really use any brownie mix you prefer (even make your own). I always have a box of Ghiradelli Brownie Mix (I buy them in bulk from Amazon), since I'm always whipping up desserts for our family and friends. I love how Ghiradelli has so many different varieties of brownie mixes, so you can really get creative with them, plus the price is amazing (especially buying in bulk).

The whole point of this recipe was really just to have fun and get creative with combining two amazing foods, brownies & Nutella.

The Nutella...oooooo the Nutella. This was my ultimate weakness before I turned Vegan. I'd have it with fruit, on toast, make pastries, but most of the time I'd just have it straight from the jar (don't judge, we all did it). This mousse is the EASIEST Nutella Mousse you'll ever make, there's literally just 4 ingredients. You can use it with absolutely anything!


Box of your favorite brownie mix

1/2 cup of Nutella

1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

4 oz of Cool Whip (plus more for later)

6 oz of Cream Cheese


1. Prepare brownie as per box instructions

2. While the brownie is baking (or even cooling), combine the Nutella, vanilla extract, & cream cheese in your stand mixer. (You can use your electric mixer as well, if you prefer).

3. Make sure to scrap down the sides every few seconds to make sure the cream cheese & Nutella are well combine.

4. Add in the cool whip & fold it in with the Nutella Cream Cheese mix. You do not want to overmix with the cool whip. Keep folding until you don't see anymore white. Voila- you just created some amazing Nutella Mousse.

5. Transfer the Nutella Mousse into a piping bag. It makes it easier for assembly.

6. Time for assembly! Cut your brownie into squares and add 1 brownie square at the bottom of your mason jar. Then using your piping bag, add a layer of the Nutella mousse. Add a layer of cool whip and garnish with crumbled brownie pieces.

7. Serve & Enjoy :)


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